Today I’m going to cover Facebook advertising and how it can be an effective medium for getting you more money on the sale of your home. There are three steps you’ll want to take to get optimal results from your ad campaign:

1. Focus on the target demographic for your type of property. You’ll want to identify just who it is that you’re marketing the property to—be it luxury homebuyers, empty nesters, etc. Knowing this will allow you to compile a custom audience and create an avatar that matches the demographics you’re targeting.

“You’ll want video to be the focal point of your ad message in this information age.”

2. Think about how to communicate your property to others by using Facebook. You’ll want video to be the focal point of your ad message in this information age. Video is the most powerful tool in reaching people, and this is probably so with Facebook—it gets the most engagement and Facebook’s backend systems work to prioritize videos it shows based on what will be most important to consumers. Through this, we’ll be able to maximize exposure of your property.

3. Use ad spend to your advantage. Facebook allows you to reach beyond just the target demographics of your area or community—you can control how much you’re willing to spend, and this gives your listing the opportunity to reach a broader swath of buyers from outside areas.

Lastly, Facebook advertising can also be beneficial for buyers. Our team would love to be a resource for you, as a buyer, in giving you additional information on a property you’ve taken an interest in and have maybe seen on Facebook. Please give us a call!