To position your home to get top dollar, you must present it in its very best light once it hits the market. 


As I always say, preparing your home for sale is almost like being on a first date: You only get one chance to impress. 

If you’re a seller, this means you have to do all the right things to your property up front and make sure it’s presented in its very best light when it hits the market. 

On our team, we have a staging consultant who specializes in interior design tour our sellers’ properties before going live on the market. I’m great at negotiating, marketing, and understanding what’s happening in our market, but interior design is not my forte. That’s why we work with our staging consultant—to make sure everything is set up perfectly so that on your home’s first “date” with a buyer, it gets asked on a second date and snags an offer. 

“You don’t want to spend money on upgrades you won’t get a good return on.”

During the staging consultation, we’ll walk through our client’s home and create a “punch list,” meaning things they have to do to bring it up to par. This ensures that they appeal to the largest pool of buyers and get the highest return on investment. 

Attracting the biggest pool of buyers is our goal, after all, when putting your home on the market. We know that things like repainting, cleaning the carpet, repositioning furniture, decluttering, etc., will appeal to the most buyers. 

With a punch list like that, you’ll have a handy guide to help make the best investments—whether that means rearranging the furniture or doing a full-blown kitchen remodel. You don’t want to spend money on upgrades you won’t get a good return on. 

If you have questions about how to make your home look its best for the market or any other real estate needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I’d love to help you.